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    January 26: Is #2 or #5 plastic is the better environmental choice?

    From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine
    Dear EarthTalk: It seems like more products are being packaged in #5 rather than #2 plastic today, and my local recycling agency won’t take #5. I’ve also heard that #5 plastics are more toxic, which concerns me more than the recyclability issue. Which plastic is the better choice?
                                                                                                                – [...]

    January 8: Plan B Efficiency and Conservation Measures Drop Energy Demand by 2020

    This article is brought to us by Earth Policy Institute and written by Lester Brown.
    Projections from the International Energy Agency show global energy demand growing by close to 30 percent by 2020, setting the stage for massive growth in the carbon dioxide emissions that are warming our planet. But dramatically ramping up energy efficiency would [...]