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Dog posters!

We've created this dog posters section For all of you dog lovers out there!  We have a huge assortment of popular dog and puppy images for every taste.  Whether you are a fan of Chihuahuas or Great Danes or any breed in-between, we have the right dog poster for you.

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Wall Poster
16" x 20"

Puppy Love

Fine Art Print
18" x 24"


by Deborah Samuel
Fine Art Print
16" x 12"

A Friend in Need

by C. Coolidge
Wall Poster
36" x 24"


by Mark Arian
Fine Art Print
24" x 30"

The Little Dog Laughed

by Sophie Harding
Fine Art Print
8" x 10"

Master Bedroom

by Andrew Wyeth
Fine Art Print
19" x 16"

Bulldog Watch

by John Drysdale
Fine Art Print
20" x 16"


Wall Poster
16" x 20"

Lapping it Up

Fine Art Photograph
17" x 11"

Purple & Orange Dogs

by Daniel Kessler
Fine Art Print
24" x 32"

About Face - Dogs

by About Face
Wall Poster
36" x 12"


Fine Art Print
20" x 16"

Three Red Dogs with Apples

by Daniel Kessler
Fine Art Print
24" x 32"


While the prints in the Dogs Playing Poker series are consistent top-sellers, we also sell more straightforward images in our very large collection. Our close-up photos of Rottweilers, Chocolate Labs, Cocker Spaniels and even French Bulldogs really spotlight how beautiful and lovable these animals are. Dog photographs have become quite popular, and not just among pet owners.  For example, famous Weimaraner photographer William Wegman has earned a pretty penny with his unique craft.  His photographs and drawings of this famous breed can be found in books, calendars, museums and on children’s television.  Capturing the best images of dogs – in terms of their position, activity and expression – can be quite a challenge for photographers.  They often have to resort to props, such as biscuits or toys, to move the dog in the proper direction.  It also requires an enormous amount of patience as well as a very fast shutter speed – that perfect pose never appears on cue, and it is gone in a split second! 

     Dogs also seem to be a popular accessory in paintings, illustrations and poster art, sometimes serving as an emotional vehicle for the artist.  Our dog posters include trendy minimalist artworks, like that seen in the “Purple and Orange Dogs “ print, as well as the fun cartoon-style pieces that are a great addition to children’s rooms.  Many of the posters that fall into the “dog art” category feature dogs with human characteristics.  Prime examples are “A Friend in Need” and others variations on the “Dogs Playing Poker” theme. 

Our dog posters are actually a cool way to check out different breeds of dogs.  We have sections on BeaglesBrittany Spaniels and more.

We even have a Basenji print for you Basenji fans. For something a little different, check out the surreal images in our Borzoi section. No matter what types of dogs you like, we hope you enjoy our Dog Poster section and that you visit often.

Our entire company is run in an environmentally responsible manner, and we donate funds to a variety of wildlife conservation groups!

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